About us

Hi there!

Our name is Bernard and Dominic (hence the name of our site) 🙂 We have been friends since high school, and for a few years we have been interested in the summaries of different products. It started inconspicuously, from a hobby – looking for the best fishing equipment at a bargain price. Then we were browsing the Internet in search of the best offers of laptops, to exchange them for newer models. We had problems with finding solid advice in this area, so it was already then that the idea of creating compilations of the best products from different fields was born. At first we only advised family and friends, but they were very happy with the opportunities we found and also motivated us to share our knowledge with others. This is how this website was created.

When we create our posts, we search the Internet for various opinions, we comb through auctions and product comparisons to provide you with the best offers available in descibed field. If, however, you find something better than the products we’ve described in the listings – let us know and we’ll be happy to update our post if you’re right. No one is infallible 🙂 and we want to give our website users the best!

If you have any questions or want to contact us – write boldly through the form 🙂

We greet you and wish you a successful hunt,
Bernard and Dominic