Lightweight stroller – we have tested it for you

There’s no better way to get around town, to get around on weekends, to go on holiday… Easy to fold and not very bulky, the lightweight is a stroller that we love. Practical, you often buy it as a second stroller. We have already been there 🙂

Lightness is one of the most important criteria in choosing a stroller when you live in the city. And with good reason: urban parents need perfect mobility to be able to walk on the pavements, but also to be able to jump on the bus (and up the little step) quickly and to go down the stairs of the metro with the stroller unfolded, baby sitting inside.

Moreover, not all buildings have a “garage” for strollers. As a result, it is not uncommon to have to carry your stroller up the stairs, when there is no elevator, to your apartment. Nomadic parents and travelling parents, the same struggle as urban parents! A lightweight stroller will make travelling with Baby easier.

How to choose a lightweight stroller?

These light, compact strollers, most of which can be used from birth, weigh an average of 6 or 7 kilos. The lightest of them, mostly intended for children who already sit up properly on their own, weigh just under 6 kilos.First of all, it is important to choose a stroller adapted to your child. With a newborn baby, comfort is all the more essential if you want to go for regular walks.

You should choose a lightweight stroller with a hammock that is approved from birth, i.e. the backrest can be fully reclined and the seat offers a real reclining position.

At best, the hammock should be equipped with a cushion and headrest so that your baby is well cushioned and comfortable. If the headrest and cushion are not included, purchase them as an option. Another option for installing a newborn baby in a lightweight stroller is the travel system mode. If the stroller of your choice does not have a seat with a fully reclining backrest, make sure you can fit a shell seat to the stroller frame. This will allow you to install your baby while waiting for the hammock to take over.  When you buy your stroller, also check that it folds easily and that you can store it wherever you want (in the boot of your car or behind a door, for example). If you often fly with your family, choose a stroller that is approved as carry-on luggage.

Please note that the dimensions accepted may vary from one airline to another.

  • Ryanair : 55 X40 X 20 cm
  • Air France : 55 X 35 X 25 cm
  • Lufthansa : 55 X 40 X 23 cm
  • KLM: 55 35 x 25 cm
  • British Airways: 56 x 45 x 25 cm

Does your child hold his or her head alone and sit unaided? You can switch to the cane stroller, they can be used from 6.7 months to 3 years old for the most part. Here again, comfort can vary from one model to another: Equipped with a fixed hammock, keep using this stroller for short trips. Equipped with a reclining hammock, the little ones who still need a nap will appreciate it! Foldable flat or as an umbrella, with small or large basket, handlebar or handle, with carry bag…There is no lack of choice to satisfy even the most demanding parents.

Stroller with handlebars or handles?

The handlebar is ideal. You pilot your stroller with one hand! With the other, you can take an urgent call on your mobile phone or hold the hand of the little second who is already walking.

Jet, Silver Cross

The English brand gives us an ultra-foldable and lightweight stroller just the way we like it. Weight side on the scale, it weighs 5.9 kg and can be carried as cabin luggage. From birth. Stands upright when folded.

Ohlala, Chicco

Ultra light, it weighs 3.8 kg, folds with one hand and holds on to the end. Once the backrest of the seat is fully extended, it welcomes an infant in its wrap-around hammock even on the sides and behind the stroller, it’s reassuring. The only downside: a head restraint is required for infants, it is not included. From birth to 15 kg.

Pockit, GB

This stroller, which has the world’s smallest fold, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, fits into a large tote bag, which has never been seen before.
  • In travel-system mode, it is called Pockit +, you can use it from birth with the optional car hull.
  • From 6 months – up to 3 years.

Flipper, Formula Baby at Aubert

A 5.2 kg city girl. Can be used from 6 months, up to 15 kg, her seat can be reclined in several positions and the support bar is hinged and removable. Waterproof canopy and large basket.

Yoyo +, Babyzen

The urban and design stroller, accepted in the airplane cabin. Two kits can be installed on the chassis to successively accommodate an infant, up to 6.7 months, facing the pushing parent, then a baby from 6 months, up to about 3 years.
Advantage: The kits can be purchased separately.

The folding of the Yoyo is innovative and childishly simple. You grab a handle located under the hammock and hop! the stroller folds like an accordion! Once folded, the stroller is ultra compact. It can also be slipped into its carrying bag (with its basket) to carry it on the shoulder. Light (about 6 kg) and easy to fold, it is the ideal stroller for nomadic or urban parents. We want it! (even if its price hurts your wallet).

Nano, Mountain Buggy

Modular, it is suitable for babies from birth, with the bassinet easily adaptable, up to 20 kg (about 4 years). Afterwards, when Baby is sitting up, the hammock takes over.

Located at the back of the backrest, an adjustable strap allows the seat to be extended with one hand. Wide and protective canopy. Integrated suspension in the rear wheels. The Nano folds easily and without bending down.

Its light weight, less than 6 kg, and its dimensions make it suitable for travel in the airplane cabin. Carrying bag and carrying strap.

Pliko Mini, Peg-Pérego

Functional and easy to live with, this stroller can be used right away and is approved from birth. With its sufficiently padded backrest that reclines flat, adjustable harness and wide edges, the hammock is comfortable although it lacks a headrest for infants. 

Its ride is supple: On cobblestones, baby travels without being shaken, the double wheels incorporate suspension. Practical too : During the ride, you can watch baby at a glance, without moving, the canopy is equipped with a window. Grandma and Grandpa will appreciate this feature: the Pliko Mini stroller folds like a cane without any need to bend down.

It’s hygienic if you have to leave it in the lobby of your building. Once folded, it stands up by itself. Weight: 5.7 kg.

Quid, Inglesina

The Quid stroller weighs 5.9 kg. Urban, with a sober and chic look, it carries baby from birth. Very easy to fold in a compact way, it fits in carry-on luggage too!

Mark II, Maclaren

Maclaren’s Mark II is the revisited version of the 1965 rod that made the success of the brand. Aluminium frame, waterproof anti-UV hood, resistant fixed seat, wheels with shock absorbers, ergonomic handles.

To take baby from 7.8 months to 3 years old, to the nanny, it is ideal as a cane especially as it is really very light, it weighs 4.5 kg. Folded, it rolls on its wheels and is carried on the shoulder. It remains a little long to be stored in a small car trunk but it finds its place in the back, between the bench seat and the front seats. A real favorite for its orange look, fresh as a cocktail on the beach!

Teeny, Safety 1 st

Created for the daily life of urban parents, Teeny can be used from birth, up to 15 kg. Its plus: its hammock stretches out completely. What’s more, it can be folded with one hand without bending down and stored in its carrying bag.
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