Sewing Machines Reviews and Comparision of Best Models

Whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist, it is always important to collect information about the sewing machine before making a choice. The goal is to avoid having an item that cannot meet your needs. It is especially important to look at the way it is used, the automatic stitch setting and the number of stitches. If time is short despite your willingness to read our entire buying guide and the classification of certain models, we will give you a brief description of two better features that we recommend. The Brother FS 40’s innovative features include an LCD display for easy control. It allows you to perform various types of sewing and is equipped with a transparent cover. Singer Initiale is a device that stands out for its aesthetics, robustness and intuitive use.

Buying guide – How to choose a good sewing machine?

When properly chosen, a sewing machine can be used for a variety of sewing jobs, professional work or small patches. In order to get the most out of your machine, we offer you via our buying guide of the best sewing machines, to discover tips on how to buy a good product. When making your choice, make sure to consider 3 important features: the operating mode, the automatic stitch setting and the number of stitches.

The mode of use

A sewing machine can be either mechanical or electronic. To find out how to buy a sewing machine with a better price-performance ratio, just analyze your needs. If you plan to use your machine only occasionally, choose a mechanical machine that is better for its lower price. With a mechanical sewing machine you can also save energy.

On the other hand, if you have to use the machine for professional use, choose an electronic model that is more ergonomic and easier to use: it will save you time while you can do more sewing work. Even though it consumes more energy, it offers good performance and allows you to sew more, without getting tired quickly.

Nowadays, some electronic models offer an LCD screen on which you can view information about the selected sewing point. Other electronic machines also have a foot pedal with electronic variator that allows you to control the sewing speed more precisely, depending on the textile material you wish to sew.

Automatic stitch adjustment

Even if we offer you the best selections in our price comparison, please also consider the criteria for the stitch setting of the device. It is therefore recommended to choose a machine with which the length and width of the stitches are set beforehand.

A machine with automatic stitch adjustment makes it easy to sew jersey, cotton, jeans or lycra. According to your needs, with this kind of machine you can manually adjust the length and width of the stitch. Thanks to this type of automatic adjustment, your seams will be of better quality, will have a better hold and will not risk to unravel at the slightest movement.

The number of stitches

In addition to helping you find out where to buy a new sewing machine, we also want to guide you in your choice. After the operating mode and the automatic stitch setting, remember to look at the number of stitches offered by the sewing machine. This allows you to adapt the sewing to the type of textile you wish to work on, the desired creations and your experience in sewing. It is therefore a not insignificant feature.

Keep in mind that the more stitches available, the more possibilities your machine will offer you for sewing and finishing, giving you the opportunity to sew with all types of textiles, from the finest to the thickest.

Top 5 Best Sewing Machines (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Whether you are a professional or a simple sewing enthusiast, there is always a sewing machine adapted to your needs. This product has been on the market in abundance for several years. But if you wish to have a better quality model, you have to agree to make a little investment.

To easily find the model that suits you, here are some sewing machines already available on the market.

1. Brother FS 40 Electronic sewing machine

FS 40 Electronic sewing machine
Even though the Brother FS 40 does not have a memory function, it is still very easy to adjust and reprogram thanks to its LCD display. For this reason, we give it this rating that borders on perfection.

Main advantage

With its 40 stitches, this machine is one of the most versatile of its generation. It can be used for small mending jobs as well as for the most sophisticated sewing creations.

Main drawback

The Brother FS 40 is a true concentrate of technology, but it lacks the memory function that allows users to save their last point. Experienced or aspiring seamstresses should always reprogram the machine before using it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Even though the Brother FS 40 does not have a memory function, it is still very easy to adjust and reprogram thanks to its LCD display. For this reason, we give it this rating that borders on perfection.

A computerized sewing machine

The Brother FS 40 is a fully computerized sewing machine. It is equipped with an LDC screen on which the stitch illustrations and references scroll. To operate the machine, simply select the stitch to be sewn and the presser foot reference appears. All that remains is to start the process.

This sewing machine comes with an instructional DVD that tells you how to use the built-in speed control and the 7 feet of the machine. These feet include Blindstitch, Button Hook, Overlock, Buttonhole, Zigzag and Monogram.  It should be noted that this product comes with a protective cover and a range of accessories that will delight seamstresses. The functionalities of this machine are made for all public, the use requires however a minimum of competence in the matter.

Whether you want to create a simple or ultra-modern garment, this sewing machine will allow you to finish your creation in the shortest possible time.

A sturdy but lightweight sewing machine

The Brother FS 40 is rugged, yet lightweight. It is also very quiet. Thanks to the transparent cover, you can see how much thread is still in the machine during your sewing job. Note that the foot pedal is optional on this model, making it perfect for amateur seamstresses.

The Brother FS 40 will allow you to make intricate seams like a true professional, regardless of the type of fabric you want to sew. The machine takes up very little space and can easily be stored in a corner of the house, preferably in a cupboard away from moisture.

An innovative design that seduces

The overall appearance of the Brother FS 40 is very attractive. This machine impresses with its coating that skillfully combines white and blue. In terms of size, the FS40 is somewhat imposing, which is likely to confuse beginners. On the side of the machine, there are many inscriptions that seem complex at first glance, but with use, users will easily get used to them. The machine has a frame and several steel components, which makes it extremely resistant.

2. Singer Initial 18-Stitch Adjustable Sewing Machine

Singer Initial 18-Stitch
If you are a sewing apprentice, you may not be aware of the important features to look for in a sewing machine. That’s why consulting a buying guide to choose the best sewing machine is a smart move.

The Singer Initiale is likely to be included. This machine is highly rated on all sales sites and forums. Amateur seamstresses are the first to praise its merits. Some have even awarded it the title of best sewing machine of the moment.

It is true that it is a very aesthetic device but above all, reliable and robust that will be useful for many years. Its use is quite intuitive and therefore very easy. Threading is simplified and the machine has a “reverse” function. For even more practicality, it has an automatic 4-step buttonhole option.

You will be able to give free rein to your creativity. It can do 18 different stitches, which can be adjusted as required. It can sew straight, zigzag, etc… You can darn simple curtains and even create garments. To allow you to continue your sewing work even after dark, the sewing machine is equipped with high-performance lighting.

And thanks to the rheostat, you can adjust the sewing speed to your liking.

Positive features

  • Very good value for money: In its price range, it is probably one of the best products. It has a good power output of 85 W and can perform many kinds of stitches. The stitch length as well as the thread tension are adjustable.
  • Accessories: This is a real small complete sewing kit. With the purchase of this Singer Initiale, you will receive as a gift hand needles with their case, scissors, thread bobbins, pins and pin holder, needle threader, ruler, screwdriver, lubricant, etc.
  • Perfect for beginners: This machine is especially designed for people who are just starting to sew and who need a high-performance machine that is easy to learn. Its operation can be mastered very quickly.

Negative points

  • Plastic can: if the can holder is made of solid metal, the can hasn’t had the same treatment. It could therefore be a little more fragile.

3. Carina 291875 Professional sewing machine

Carina 291875 Professional
Carina 291875 Professional
In the race for the title of best sewing machine, brands compete in ingenuity to offer the public products with increasingly advanced options.

Carina is not to be outdone. She’s also making a big impact with her 291875. This professional machine has attractive features for any novice or experienced sewer.

It’s one of the most modern instruments. It is easy to handle so that even the uninitiated can use it without too much trouble. It is equipped with a clear and precise control panel on which you can make all the necessary adjustments.

It is fully controllable. You can choose between 206 points. The speed of the machine is finely adjustable so that you can work very fast or, on the contrary, very slowly for complex seams on sensitive fabrics, for example. It is also highly automated. Both needle threading and thread tension are automatic.

The most remarkable asset of this 291875 is its ability to sew all kinds of patterns (letters, numbers, logos, drawings, etc…). You will thus be able to embroider your initials on your pillows. If you consult a buying guide to choose the best sewing machine, you will see that this feature is worth its weight in gold.

Positive points

  • Feet supplied: this machine has no less than 7 different feet. Each one performs a specific task. So there is a caterpillar foot, another universal one, one for zippers, buttonholes, borders, hidden seams, buttons.
  • Pattern seams : your imagination will be your only limit because this professional sewing machine can create all kinds of patterns from simple letters to more complex designs.

Negative points

  • Instructions in German: if you are not fluent in this language, you will be forced to search the net and download a more comprehensible version for you.

4. Singer 1507 16-Stitch Adjustable Sewing Machine

Singer 1507 16-Stitch
Singer 1507 16-Stitch
Singer 1507 contains the features of a better sewing machine and more precisely the best sewing machine for beginners.

This model allows you to sew in 16 different stitches including straight stitches, decorative stitches and zigzag so your creativity has no limits. It features a four-step auto buttonhole giving you more freedom in choosing which button to use for your creation.

In addition, this model is robust and very durable allowing you to use it for a long time if you know how to take good care of it. Its power is up to 85 Watts to allow you to complete your task in the shortest possible time for a truly amazing result.

Moreover, it allows you to make your sewing according to 7 different programs to have no limit in your creativity. If you’re looking for the most powerful sewing machine, chances are it’s the Singer 1507. Its 85W allows you to work fast. This machine is also one of the most reliable.

Positive points

  • Suitable for all users: whether you are a beginner or a professional, this machine is adapted to your needs. It can perform 16 selectable adjustable stitches, including hems, straight stitches, zigzag, decorative, invisible and other seams… You can also use it for buttonholes and zippers.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics: the machine can handle almost every type of fabric imaginable, even the thickest such as jeans.
  • Simple and efficient: Its operation is quite simple, within the reach of all users. And yet this 1507 is a very complete and precise machine in its work. The stitches are impeccable.
  • Quality/price ratio: If you’re not sure which sewing machine to choose, add price as a criterion. And by the way, this Singer model is a very good product at a very reasonable price.  

Negative points

  • Difficult first start-up: operating the machine for the first time can be quite laborious. However, you only need to watch instructional videos to get there.

5. Singer Decorative Sewing Machine 31 Adjustable Stitches

Singer Decorative Sewing Machine 31
In order to quickly find the right sewing machine for you, it is necessary to make a comparison including all models with interesting features such as Singer Decorative.

The design of this model has been well taken care of and its elegance allows you to adapt it to the decor of any place where you place it. It allows you to broaden your creativity in the field of sewing thanks to its 31 adjustable stitches including straight, zigzag and decorative stitches.

It has a system that lights up the sewing surface so that you can use it in maximum comfort. It comes with needles of all types adapted to all types of fabrics, always with the aim of optimizing your comfort when using it. It also comes with extra presser feet specially designed for all decorative purposes so that you can let your creativity express itself.

Its power is 85 Watts and its 19 programs guarantee an impeccable sewing quality.

Singer is known in the sewing world as one of the best brands of sewing machines. With the Decorative, she offers us a remarkably reliable and robust model that is very much appreciated by consumers.

Positive points

  • Power: The machine develops 85 W. It can therefore provide fast quilting without making any effort. It will be able to work the thickest fabrics, or several layers of sponges without any blockage or other incident.
  • Practical: The device is light and easy to use, especially since learning how to use it is quick. 

Negative points

  • Difficult threading: According to the buyers’ tests, threading the thread is a bit complicated, but with good will, it can surely be done.

6. Brother FS 40 Electronic sewing machine

Brother FS 40
Brother FS 40
Brother FS 40 is the model that provides a satisfactory answer to commonly asked questions such as: which is the best sewing machine on the market or which sewing machine to buy.

It is an innovative, powerful and easy to use electronic sewing machine that allows you to get the job done in a very short time for a perfect result. Indeed, it has an LCD screen that allows you to see information about what you want to achieve including the different stitches it can perform.

Whether your sewing is simple or sophisticated, this model allows you to complete your task in a short time for a result that corresponds exactly to your expectations.

It has a transparent cover so that you can see how much thread you have left at any time so that your task is not interrupted at any time. On delivery, this model comes with a cover to protect it and a complete accessory kit.

Which is the better alternative: take a machine just because of its price or buy the best sewing machine? If you’re leaning towards the second option, this Brother FS 40 should interest you.

Positive points

  • 40 stitches : It would easily top the list of the most versatile machines. You can use it for small sewing jobs as well as for sophisticated creations.
  • The accessories : This Brother model comes with a protective cover and specific accessories for easy use.
  • LCD display: This computerized sewing machine has a large, backlit LCD screen that will be a great help to you when making adjustments.
  • Illumination: It has a powerful LED light, which is as bright as daylight.  This allows you to continue sewing at night without any discomfort to your eyes. 

Negative points

  • No memory: It’s a shame that a machine with such advanced technological options doesn’t save the last point recorded so that the user doesn’t have to reprogram it each time.

How do I use a sewing machine?

These types of devices have evolved a lot today, due to the evolution of technology. The Carina 291875, the Singer Initiale, or the Brother FS 40 are currently at the top of the selection on the market. To this end, several comfort options have been integrated on these models. A few updates in the way they are used will be necessary in order to get the most out of them. Here are the various points to consider.

Make a few checks before sewing

The first operations to be carried out before using your machine will be to thread the thread from the bobbin and to position the bobbin. Always make sure to choose accessories and tools of the same quality. This is to ensure uniformity in the sewing of your garments. If this feature is neglected, the result may not meet your expectations.

Match the upper thread with the lower thread

This will be the first thing you will have to do regarding the preparation of your device. To do this, fill the empty bobbin from below with the wire wrapped around your spool. Take care to place the bobbin on its support.

Choosing the stitches

Please note that there are several stitches available on one machine model. You will have to choose among them. You don’t need to know them all, as you will usually only use a few of them. However, make sure that you have chosen the best alternative depending on what you want to achieve.

Distinguishing the difference in the choice and adjustment of the points

You should also know that choosing a stitch is one thing and setting up the stitches is another. Indeed, for each type of stitch you will have to set the dimensions of their width and length. This will depend on your needs and the result you want to obtain during the sewing process. Don’t hesitate to do some tests before starting any operation.

Be sure to fix the needle firmly in place

This is a delicate operation. If you do it wrong, it could come off and you could get hurt in the process. So check that this prickly component is well housed in its place before you start any work. It is advisable to place this needle before threading the sewing thread. This will prevent the thread from getting in the way during this crucial step.

Don’t forget to adapt your presser foot.

Be aware that if this device is incorrectly positioned, you will have difficulty holding your tissue in place. This may interfere with your ability to perform your duties. And you will lose a considerable amount of time. Therefore, adjust this component according to the type of fabric and your usual sewing technique.

Choosing the right needle for the fabric you are working on

There are several types of needles to choose from depending on the textile you will be treating. For jersey, for example, it is best to use a double needle.

Check the thread tension

It should not be too loose or too stiff. In the latter case, you can cut your wire at any time. That would be a big problem for you every time. To avoid further embarrassment, find the right balance.

The use of a sewing machine is a must for successful sewing of all kinds. However, it is also essential to choose the right device to use in order to achieve the desired result. Not all models offered by manufacturers are the same. Today, there is a wide choice on the market. This is why it is essential to choose the right brand of machine you are going to buy.

Singer is the reference brand in sewing. It has been on the market for about 165 years. In addition, it continues to conquer the market by offering innovative products that meet the current needs of users. Singer sewing machines are appreciated for their high quality workmanship. They are particularly robust and can survive over the years. As soon as you think of the brand, you immediately think of a reliable machine that can stand the test of time.

Today Singer offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of fashion designers. Indeed, the French brand sells embroidery machines and overlock machines. The brand also offers a large number of sewing accessories.

The Brother brand offers its customers all its know-how to offer quality products. Brother is well known for its range of sewing machines. These are products with a high quality design.

The brand wanted to adapt its articles to the advances of recent years. However, Brother sewing machines remain easy to use and comfortable to operate. Anyone can use them, even the most novice. These machines have been designed to fulfill the desire for customization or creation.

In addition to sewing machines, Brother also offers devices for embroidery design. The brand has explored this field and is very successful with the products it offers.

When we talk about Toyota, we often think of the cars created by the brand. But this time, Toyota has started to manufacture sewing machines. The brand has put all its years of experience and know-how to the benefit of its customers. It therefore offers several models of sewing machine. They vary according to their functionalities. Indeed, some are mechanical and others electronic.

To expand its activities, Toyota also manufactures overlock machines whose quality is no longer to be demonstrated. The brand has set itself the goal of designing efficient and durable devices.

For some, Pfaff is a little-known brand. Yet it has already come a long way in the field of sewing. Pfaff has started to manufacture sewing machines, but not just any sewing machine. Indeed, these are innovative products that are in line with the latest technological developments.

Apart from sewing machines, the company also offers embroidery machines. And that’s not all, because it also sells accessories such as feet and bobbins. In short, the company has set itself the goal of meeting all sewing needs.

Janome offers a wide range of high-performance sewing machines. Users can easily choose among the models offered by the brand. These are devices designed to succeed in all sewing jobs. They are appreciated for their design quality. That’s not all, because Janome has also created other equipment such as embroidery machines and overlock machines.

The brand has also embarked on the design of all kinds of accessories that are commercially available. The brand has become known for its high quality products and its notoriety continues to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I want to set up my sewing machine. How do I set it up?

Before you can sew with the machine, the first thing you need to do is to set up a bobbin. The bobbin fits into the bobbin shaft. Then you have to take a spool of thread and put it on its holder. The thread must then be threaded through the small hole in the bobbin, taking care to thread it from the side.

You should then retrieve it from the top of the bobbin. Then you have to push the bobbin shaft which should instantly engage the motor. Press the foot pedal lightly to fill the bobbin and make sure that the thread spool does not come off the bobbin holder. The bobbin fills up according to the seam you wish to make.

You can fill the bobbin all the way to the end, as the machine is equipped with a brake that stops it at the most convenient time.

Q2: Do I have to synchronize my sewing machine? If so, how?

Synchronization of the sewing machine is essential if you want to achieve perfectly uniform stitches. In general, the adjustment procedure is the same for all machines, but to avoid any wrong handling, it is always recommended to refer to the machine’s user manual.

The synchronization of the machine is achieved primarily by adjusting the height of the needle bar. A mark indicates the normal level of synchronization, just loosen the needle and adjust it to this level.

Then you have to adjust the shuttle hook. The purpose of this adjustment is to make sure that the hook and the needle are at the right distance from each other. After you have made these few changes, you only need to check the synchronization of the machine by testing the alignment of the needle and the shuttle hook again.

Q3: How do I thread my Brother sewing machine?

The first thing to do is to turn off and then lift the presser foot on the machine. Then turn the handwheel so that the handwheel marker is in the up position, as is the thread tensioner. Install the bobbin on the bobbin holder and feed the thread into the thread guide. Take the thread and pass it between the tension discs or around the tension from right to left.

Hold the thread with your right hand and pull with your left hand so that the thread is correctly positioned between the tension discs. Then pull the thread up to the right of the slot and down to the left of the slot to feed it into the thread tensioner. All you have to do is thread the needle back and forth and keep a 5 cm margin for the thread.

Q4: I need to repair a sewing machine. How do I do it?

If the sewing machine breaks down or malfunctions, you can easily identify the cause of the problem. Be aware that nine times out of ten times the machine malfunction is due to threading. You should therefore check the bobbin to make sure that the thread is correctly threaded in (it must pass under the tension spring). Then check the path of the top thread, as it may be stuck. When the machine is no longer switched on, the problem is mechanical.

You should then check the condition of the handwheel by turning it and also make sure that the reel shaft is on the correct side and that the thread is not jammed inside the hook. If you are faced with this situation, you will have to dismantle the hook to clean it. If the fault is related to the broken needle, you will only have to replace it with a new one.

Finally, if the cause of the malfunction remains unknown, it is preferable to call in a professional.

Q5: Please tell me how to oil a Singer sewing machine.

Before you can oil the Singer sewing machine, the machine must first be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. You can use a blower, hand vacuum cleaner or duster for this purpose. Then pour a few drops of oil around the edge of the can.

Oiling the hook contour at the can will prevent premature wear and tear and will also make the machine less noisy. Singer machines are usually fitted with holes to make this easier. In each of these holes, you must let a few drops of oil escape.

Then try to prime your machine by doing a few stitches on pieces of fabric to remove the excess oil. Manufacturers recommend greasing the machines every 20 hours, but since this can take several months, it is best to do this every 2 or 3 months.

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