The best baby swings

When baby is very young, i.e. less than 3 months old, the baby swing is the most suitable. But when he grows up, the swing seat takes over. Of course, it is not indispensable, but when the child is settled inside, his smile melts his parents’ hearts. But what are the main selection criteria when buying an indoor baby swing?

Criteria to consider

The first criterion to consider is safety. The infant seat chosen must have a protective belt or harness attached to the seat and a safety bar at the front. These two accessories are designed to prevent the child from falling when bending over or wiggling while playing. The rounded edges limit the risk of injury if the child rubs against them.

Comfort is the second criterion. Even if the seat of a baby swing is not padded, the softness of the material absorbs the impact. In addition, the seat must be wide enough to allow baby to move around in it comfortably. Compliance with the maximum weight indicated by the manufacturer is important so as not to weaken the outdoor swing.

best baby swing

The materials the swing is made of are also an important criterion. Outdoor playground equipment manufactured in the European Union often complies with the standards and regulations in force, both in terms of quality and safety. The presence of the CE or NF label is very reassuring. Good quality blown plastic, beech wood, nylon swing rope, etc. guarantee the longevity and resistance of this playground for toddlers.

The price is also important when buying, but you should not focus on it, especially when the quality is not there. The goal is to acquire a first-rate, inexpensive playground without spending a fortune.

The different types of baby swing

Several models of baby swings are currently available on the market. First of all, there is the swing frame, a self-supporting model with a single seat. It can accommodate the child from the age of 6 months if the seat is baby-proof, i.e. made of a rigid shell, equipped with a belt and safety bar.

The second model is a wooden baby gate. It has a swing with at least one slide. A small hut can be attached to this outdoor playground. It stands out from the others because of its authentic design. In addition, it is a space that can accommodate several children at the same time.

The third model is a children’s portico with several play activities: baby swing seat, slide with hut, sandbox, opposite, small swimming pool, rope ladder, climbing wall, etc. It is suitable not only for small children but also for older children. To make your toddler happy, don’t hesitate to add other play stations such as a baby trampoline for example.

Some advice on choosing and installing a baby swing

A baby swing must be strong and well attached with strong ropes. Choose a seat with a high backrest and a belt or harness. There is no problem even if it is part of a swing.

Don’t hesitate to invest in an evolutionary model even if it costs more. Indeed, baby will be able to use it over several years when the seat transforms into a classic swing. Don’t forget to test the baby’s playground by roughing it up a few times before using it. Make sure that all the support accessories: screws, carabiners, etc. are in place and, above all, tightened.

Most models on the market can be installed inside the house and suspended from the ceiling. But they can also be installed outside in the garden, especially when they are sold with wooden gantries. A plastic baby swing will not be affected by rainwater, strong wind or sunlight. It will be able to stay outside all year round without its resistance and solidity being put to the test.

As an accident can happen so quickly, baby should never be left alone in his swing seat. He will have to be constantly supervised by placing this play accessory in a place where he can be seen.

The best baby swing models

The Hudora swing seat

The Hudora swing seat
This Hudora swing seat is one of the best products on the market. Its main advantage is that it consists of two parts: the shell and the arch.

The seat is made of red blown plastic. It is of very good workmanship and has an exceptional finish with perfectly rounded edges. A small safety strap is attached to the backrest. The maximum weight it can support is 30 kg.

The hoop on the front is yellow. It is removable and can be removed and put back in place to facilitate baby’s entry and exit. Since the swing is large enough for its age, 51 cm long, 38 cm wide and 25 cm high, you may not even have to remove it.

This baby swing is suspended in the air by four sturdy nylon ropes. You can secure it to a portico outside with a good anchorage to the floor or to the ceiling in the baby’s room using carabiners and hooks. As all the materials it is made of are highly resistant, it is not affected by rainwater, UV rays or snow and can be used in all seasons. The assembly does not take time.

This playground is a very good purchase if your child is between 6 and 18 months old. Its quality/price ratio is excellent. It has received several positive reviews on the Internet.

Hudora – 72112 – Outdoor Play & Sport – 2 Piece Baby Swing Seat

Product description: Outdoor and Sport Game – Baby swing seat in 2 parts. Belt – swimming armband for children. Maximum weight: 30 kg. With weather-resistant ropes.
  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Dimensions: 51x38x25 cm

Smoby’s 2 in 1 Infant Seat Swing

This baby swing is not a classic accessory. It is an evolutionary model that the child will be able to use over several years.

From the age of 18 months to 36 months, he will be safe in the red seat with an apple green protective bar.

And from his third birthday onwards, the bar can be detached so that it can be transformed into a simple swing. Choose this accessory instead of buying a bouncy castle if you live in an apartment.

The size of the seat is already planned for this transformation. It is 35 cm long and 24 cm wide. All the edges are completely rounded so that baby does not get hurt playing inside. All parts of this swing are made of blown plastic. It is a highly resistant material as it can easily withstand temperature variations and humidity. This is why this seat can be mounted outdoors in all seasons.

Made in France, this product complies with the standards in force in the country, both for safety and quality. Investing in this swing is a great advantage since it follows the evolution of your child. He will be able to sit and swing on it from 18 months to 5 years old. This product can be easily adapted to a portico or hung perfectly from the ceiling.

Smoby – 310194 – Outdoor Play – 2 in 1 Baby Seat Swing – Connectors and Ropes Supplied

With the 2 in 1 baby seat, your little one will be able to experience the sensations of the swing from the age of 18 months.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable, this seat will gently accompany your child on sunny days.
  • Practical, the seat turns into a simple swing once baby grows up! He can then swing on his own and do as the grown-ups do.
  • The cords are provided so that baby can quickly enjoy his new seat.

Your child will be able to use it for a long time thanks to the anti-UV treated plastic parts: good resistance and colour fastness over time guaranteed.

The evolutionary swing from Feber

This Feber swing is also an evolutionary model. From 1 to 3 years old, baby will be well protected when sitting in this high seat. The backrest and seat are very comfortable and the front mounted arch prevents him from falling out. The colours of this product are very pleasant and full of pep, whether it is the seat, the cords that hold it or the attachments.

From the age of 3 to the age of 10, the child can enjoy this swing since the backrest and the roll bar are removable. The seat is robust and resistant since the weight it can support is 60 kg maximum. The suspension ropes are long enough to be adjusted according to the size of the child. When outside, consider mounting this swing two in one on a gantry or on a solid tree branch. You don’t need to cover it with a protective tarp as it can withstand humidity and high heat. Inside, hang it from the ceiling using a hook.

The opinions of those who have tried this product are unanimous about its quality and reliability. It is perfectly safe even for small children. This swing seat will allow toddlers to spend pleasant moments outdoors and to feel the soft sensations provided by its swing.

Feber – 800006962 – Outdoor Play – Evolving Swing Seat

This feber swing seat is an evolutionary swing seat. Up to 36 months, the child is supported by a high, wrap-around seat with backrest and arch.
  • Product dimensions: 39,2 x 24,6 x 83,6 cm
  • Requires batteries: No

Product description: From 36 months onwards, the backrest and the arch can be removed and transformed into a classic swing board for older children.

M.V. Sport’s Folding Swing

Independent, this folding swing is recommended for parents who live in apartments or who don’t have enough room at home. It consists of a frame that unfolds easily to become a real portico.

Once properly installed, the baby seat can be hooked onto it using four sturdy ropes. It is important to check that it is properly secured before placing the child on it. After play, the frame should be folded back to save space. Like the folding trampoline, this swing can be easily slipped under the bed or stored in a corner of the garage when baby is not using it.

Every part that makes up this baby swing is made of high quality materials. The frame is made of steel, the ropes of nylon and the seat of plastic and canvas. The whole set has undergone an anti-UV treatment to better resist the sun’s rays. The advantage of this product is that it is easy to clean. Moreover, it can be installed outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace, without deteriorating. This stand-alone gantry has a better quality/price ratio. Its market value is much lower than other models of the same type.

  • Folding swing with baby seat
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Foldable frame for easier storage
  • The seat can be removed and replaced.
  • Solid powder coated steel frame.

Little Tikes’ Blue High Back Swing

This baby swing seat is characterized by its high backrest. It is therefore suitable for grandchildren aged 9 months and older. In addition to the safety barrier at the front, their neck is well protected during every swing.

A belt is also attached to the backrest. You can adjust it according to your child’s morphology. The seat of this swing is 38 cm long, 38 cm wide and 72 cm high. The shell is made of blue plastic. Each part of this playground is well welded together and forms a single block. The space available is large enough to accommodate all small children, even large babies.

The only snag with this baby swing with a high backrest is that it is not expandable. However, it is perfect if you are planning to give your child his or her first swing. The seat is not only comfortable but also very secure. The comments of Internet users are particularly complimentary about this product and its price is unbeatable.

  • AgeMinimum : 9 months
  • Requires Batteries: No
  • Product Dimensions : 38,1×38,1×45,72 cm

Product description : The adjustable belt, the high backrest and the protective bar at the front ensure a high level of safety for the child.

Small Foot Company’s Horse Head Baby Swing

This baby swing seat is very original. Made entirely of wood, the seat is in the shape of a horse’s head. Its backrest is high enough to protect the child’s neck. The borders on the sides are essential when the child is still young.

Even though the material used in the manufacture of this swing has a rough appearance, each piece is smooth and therefore pleasant to the touch. This animal-shaped seat measures a total of 44 cm long and 26 cm wide. It can be painted, stained or varnished before being installed outside in the garden. Each of these treatments will protect it from external aggressions: dust, rainwater, morning dew, wind, pests, etc. effectively.

The main advantage of this product is that your child can sit on it as soon as he or she is old enough to sit down.

The ropes that hold the seat are long enough for parents to adjust them to the right height during installation. Babies can use it from the age of 3 years. When they grow up, all the bars on the sides should be removed and let them play on it as they wish. In short, this is a cheap swing that is worth the detour.

  • small foot 7190 Baby swing “horse” made of wood, stable and safe thanks to a raised edge, from 1.5 years old.
  • A beautiful baby swing in the design of a horse
  • With raised edge for safety in the movement of swing
  • With handles for a good grip
  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Dimensions: 45 x 27 x 30 cm


Big Game Hunters Deluxe Baby Swing Seat – with click-release safe safety system

Exclusive to Big Game Hunters, this baby swing seat has been designed with enhanced safety features to create a safe, sturdy and durable baby swing.

The high back seat will support the baby’s head and also has a buckle safety strap to secure your little one in the seat as they swing into the ergonomic seat which is curved for comfort.

The strong polypropylene cord has a silky, shiny surface that does not burn your baby’s hands.

The rope is tied at all four corners with the factory made knots, which will prevent the seat from tipping over when they are adjusted to the correct position.

Fasteners and fasteners are all made from galvanized steel so won’t easily rust, the seat is made from a wear-resistant injection molded plastic to resist the elements when left outdoors


Smoby – 310046 – Outdoor Playground Equipment – Swing – Gantry Metal Baby Swing

Metal structure with a large-diameter stem combined with the innovative cradle construction gives stability and strength to the assembly.
  • Seamless construction eliminates the risk of breakage does not bend
  • Made in Spain
  • Maximum user weight 25Kgs/ indoor and outdoor use
  • Dim 120 x 124 x 120cm


Foldable swing with baby seat

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Foldable frame for easier storage
  • The seat can be removed and replaced.
  • Solid powder coated steel frame.
  • Toy


FEBER Evolution – Garden swing for children from 1 to 3 years (Famosa 80001020239)

Progressive swing for children from 18 months – 3 years old.
  • The safety gate and backrest are removable.
  • Discover other FEBER children’s products; Houses, Slides, Trotters and Draisiennes
  • Toy


Ak Sport – 73213 – Plastic Swing – 3 in 1 – Green

Adjustable to your child’s age and height.
  • 3 in 1 solid swing
  • Length of rope: 150 cm
  • With 3-point anti-tilt seat belt
  • Resistant to climatic conditions


hj JH Folding Baby Child Swing Blue

Anti-UV seat does not absorb heat and allows the child not to burn himself while sitting down.
  • Dimension: 148x148x120CM. Weight: 7.5KG.
  • Adjustable strings, easy to assemble, sturdy support.
  • Without fear of falling. Has a safety rope between the legs to prevent slipping.
  • Durable and sturdy materials, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. For small children from 9 months to 25 KG.


Baby Vivo Playground Outdoor and Indoor Children’s Swing Double Seats Garden – Zoo

Safety standards tested and certified by INTERTEK Institute.
  • Quick and easy installation in the very stable built state
  • Made of high quality and durable plastic
  • Dimensions when assembled: approx. 116 x 78 x 122 cm (LxWxH)
  • Age recommendation: from 1 year of age, max. weight per side / child: 12 kg, max. permissible total weight: up to 24 kg / Please note that we do not deliver to the islands.


LoggyLand Baby Seat Swing with Rope and Mounting Rings

Weather-resistant and length-adjustable ropes with galvanized steel ring and adjusting eye for attachment to the corresponding swing frames.
  • The safety strap and extra seat belt make your baby twice as secure
  • Removable safety barrier (push up) – Two-piece swing made of solid plastic
  • Toy

Two-part swing made of solid plastic. Weather-resistant ropes, including galvanised steel ring and adjusting eyelet for attachment to the corresponding swing frames, etc. The baby carrier is secured with the safety bar and the additional safety belt. The swing is height-adjustable on the ropes. Details: Two-part swing made of solid PE. Removable safety barrier (push up). Including strap. rope


Baby Vivo Slide Playground Children’s swing Indoor and Outdoor Ladders Turquoise / Grey Garden Swing

Quick and easy installation, made of high quality and durable plastic.
  • Total dimensions: 210x 187 x 122 cm (LxWxH – constructed), Length of slide: 190 cm
  • Maximum weight: Slide 50 kg, Swing 35 kg
  • Dimensions swing: Seat: 34 x 33 cm (WxH) and Backrest: 40.5 x 43 cm (WxD)
  • Quick and easy installation, made of high quality and durable plastic
  • Recommended age: toboggan and swing from 2 years / Please note that we do not deliver on the islands.
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